Lifestyle hacks to help you thrive this winter


Have you ever heard something that, technically, you've "heard" before — but this time, it strikes the action chord? 

This has happened to me in so many different areas of my life, from business, to health, relationships and even spirituality. 

The underlying concept might have been something I was already familiar with, but hearing it in a different way or by someone else, reinforced that insight into action. 

In today's post, I want to share with you 3 lifestyle hacks that, in my opinion, are really worth setting in motion and as a bonus, will help you thrive this winter season. 

Give your brain a boost

Do you have a specific area in your life that you're trying to improve your performance?

It turns out that daily exercise has a major influence and not just physically speaking. 

Exercise releases something called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is basically miracle grow for the brain.

BDNF helps increase cognitive function and improves memory, focus and attention. It activates brain growth and strengthens synaptic connections in the brain. 

Scientists have proven that increased levels of BDNF are correlated with improved cognitive performance and can even enhance creativity. 

If you're in any kind of leadership or creative role, BDNF is like our own self-created pixie dust for the brain. 

[ pix·ie dust: a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck. ]

We are when we eat

Researchers have proven that the time of day we consume our calories can make a huge impact in our satiety and weight management. 

A study done on two groups of people eating the EXACT same calories in a day proved some really interesting results.

One of the groups consumed most of their calories in the morning/midday, while the other group consumed the majority of their calories in the late afternoon/evening.

The group that front loaded their calories showed a 2.5x greater difference in weight loss than the group that ate the majority of their calories later in the day. 

What we eat is actually just as important as when we eat, and this study basically reinforces that we are rhythmic and hormonal, by nature. 

Choose One thing

Are you a multitasker?

No matter how empowering or productive it may feel, research has confirmed that multitasking makes us LESS productive. 

It turns out that people who regularly multitask can't recall information, pay attention or complete tasks faster than those who only do one thing at a time. 

When we try to do too many things at once, our brain lacks the capacity to perform. 

Unfortunately, multitasking is no badge of honour. 

Choose one thing at a time, lady, and watch your productivity soar. 

I hope something in this post has inspired a new action in your life. More often than not, it's the simplest of things that can really help us actualize our deepest and most truest potential.

As always — thanks for reading! Comment below and let me know which of these intrigues you the most.


Much love and Lady Flow care, 

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Elaine Clark, nutritionist, writer, women's health pioneer, and founder of LADYFLOW. Elaine is creating a movement of women living in sync with their hormonal wisdom and creativity. Elaine works with health conscious women to feel at home in their body and awaken to their creative potential. She offers a variety of tools to support women with her workshop offerings, retreats, and wellness products.