can i let you in on a secret?

If it's one thing I know for sure it's that women are powerful & creative beyond measure.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the feminine creative potential. I mean, not only do we have the remarkable physical structure to give birth, but we also have a unique set of talents and gifts that make us infinitely creative. The process of creation I believe, is one of the deepest yearnings of our soul. 

Feeling exhausted, run down, moody, unsexy, brain fog, painful periods, and low libido is not normal. It's also not mysterious, perplexing, uncontrollable nor an inevitable part of being feminine. 

As women and as nurturers, it is our tendency to take on the weight of the world, even if means compromising our health. As a result, we risk feeling exhausted, creatively thwarted, hormonally unbalanced and uninspired to share our creative gifts with the world. At worst, major hormonal health problems become a growing concern. 

I believe our health remains one of the most important influences in our ability to create. 

A fertile body and mind is a fertile life to create
anything at all. 


I have been on a journey of discovering and awakening to my potential and I know that I am here to serve. I pour my heart and soul into my work with a passion to witness the creative feminine flourish all around me.

This is my virtual space where I share my experiences, reflections, and wisdom through blogs, articles and programs all geared towards helping you understand and leverage the feminine power inside of you.

I want to help you realize your deepest wisdom so you can be the creative fem you are born to be. 


1. There is no cure for my curiosity

I get fired up about traveling the world where I can learn, express my passion for cultures, and my creativity through photography. I am moved by nature, waterfronts, live music, and listening to open-hearted people allow their emotional pain to be expressed. Curiosity for this world and beyond keeps my soul on fire. 

2. I ignored my creative fem until i was 22.

I spent a good portion of my childhood afraid of my own body. After University, I traveled, chased my curiosity, healed my hormonal imbalances, found a home in my body, and continue to realize my creative fem every day.

3. I believe in building a meaningful and authentic life, not just a business. 

I'm motivated to uncover meaning and purpose in everything I do. I remind myself everyday, "serve the world, not my ego".

 4. I'm an evidence-based science brain with a poetic soul. 

I spent a good chunk of my life thinking I had to choose one or the other. Now I love and nurture both, equally.

5. Small talk pushes me to the edges of a room

I feel most at home in raw and open-hearted conversations. Small talk makes me feel like authenticity is dying on the vine.

6. I'm never reading just one book. 

My desk always has 3 or 4 (sometimes 6) books that I'm slowly, eagerly soaking in. 

7. I'm a water sign.

Home is where the water is. 



Elaine is a Nutritionist, speaker, writer, serial entrepreneur, and creative feminine. Elaine is creating a revolution in how women eat, think, and manifest. She believes that every woman has something beautiful to create whether it’s a family, an artistic expression, or a successful business. 

Elaine works with health conscious women to feel at home in their body and awaken to their creative feminine potential. She strives to deliver specific and targeted approaches to help women balance their hormones through her workshop offerings, online programs, and consultations.

Elaine’s cherished downtime is spent reading, writing and in all things nature.