Teacher Training Modules

Creative Sequencing & Intention Setting

Creative and skillful sequencing allows a student to experience strength, openness, and expression. As a yoga teacher, guiding students through creative sequencing is based upon the understanding of anatomy, alignment, intention setting, and the relationship between postures. In this module, you will discover basic vinyasa sequencing theory. You will also design and practice leading a sequence based upon a theme or intention.

Nutrition & Yoga: an integrated approach

All food and movement is energy for both the mental and physical body. Nutrition is a profound complementary to yoga for self-healing and transformation. In this module, you will learn practical knowledge and tools to heal and nurture your body via an integrated approach to nutrition and yoga. Develop clarity about how to properly support your physical practice and your mental energy to help you thrive in your journey as a creative influencer.

Skillful Adjustments

Skillful adjustments create an opportunity for connection, depth, conscious awareness and a safe space for students to evolve. Learn and practice effective techniques for exchanging energy with your students using breath, touch, and verbal communication. Discover techniques that are safe, empowering, and will help students feel good in the practice while preventing injuries.


The creative process not only influences your teaching skills but also serves as a framework for your journey as an independent creative influencer. In this module, you will cultivate clarity about your authentic contribution to your students and your community. You will discover how to define what you offer, how to create your personal brand, and how to develop clarity about the next big steps and key actions to support you in building your creative business that is both meaningful and authentic to you.