truth talk?

Do you remember when you got your first period? Did you feel comfortable talking about it with your friends and family? Did anyone talk to you about the link between your period and the condition of your skin, energy levels, mood, digestion and bowel function? 

Despite what we've been told, or how we feel about it, our lady flow is what makes us uniquely feminine.  

As women, we are connectors. We are designed to connect, nurture and operate from a place of peace and power. Men can do the same, but there is something even more unique in women that requires us to be this way, by nature.

Our bodies are powered by a rhythmic and cyclical wisdom that not only enables us to create life but cycles us through the process of creation. Our feminine and biological wisdom is the very foundation to our creative capacity. 

It's time to start embracing your feminine power. 

Painful, uncomfortable and inconsistent cycles, along with heavy bleeding, cramps, skin breakouts, cravings, and moodiness is frustrating and it's certainly not normal. 

The good news is that diet and lifestyle changes are proven to rebalance your hormones and help you achieve the radiance you deserve. 

My goal is to help you understand the language of your body and recalibrate your hormonal system so you can embrace your full creative potential. 

Recalibrate your lady flow
& be that creative fem you are born to be 


You are designed to feel radiant in your body. And you are designed to create. 

Unfortunately so many of us women don’t feel like the best version of ourselves.  If you would like to boost your health & creativity, or nurture your fertility, I'd love to help you harness the power of your body and mind so you can live your most fertile life. 

Here's how I can help you...

  • Get clear skin

  • Have more energy

  • Improve your concentration

  • Increase your zest for life

  • Get rid of food cravings

  • Sleep better

  • Maintain your ideal weight

  • Increase your sexual energy

  • Get rid of menstrual cramps

  • Stop mood swings

  • End PMS

  • Boost and preserve your fertility

  • Step into your creativity

  • Feel radiant



Our body's rhythms synchronize our biological and physiological processes and they allow us to adapt to changing environments. These rhythms of nature influence our entire hormonal system. 


The menstrual cycle and it's hormonal dancers are the very thing that make you uniquely feminine. The 4 stages of our cycle have distinct hormonal ratios that affect our biochemistry. 


The monthly ripening of an egg followed by pregnancy or the release of menstrual flow mirrors the natural process of creation. The menstrual cycle is often viewed as a creative process.

Option #1: Meal Planning Consultation - 60min

Let's assess your dietary concerns.


  • 60min consultation to discuss your major dietary concerns

  • A customized 4-week nutritional meal plan to address your major concerns


want to revamp your diet and feel radiant?

Option#2: Introductory Package - 6 weeks 

Let's connect and dive deep into your concerns and your goals so we can uncover how to improve your health and fertility. 


  • Introductory Session - 90min comprehensive health history & questionnaire

  • 30min follow-up session

  • 6-week customized nutritional, exercise, lifestyle and supplementary protocol


need personalized period support?

Option #3: Period Repair Package - 3 months

A step-by-step, individualized and custom health plan to put an end to painless periods and hormonal chaos. 

Your 3-Month Package Includes

  • 90min introductory with comprehensive health history & questionnaire

  • 30min follow-up sessions each month (3 sessions)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Menstrual support products:
    - LADYFLOW PMS and Harmony Tea
    - LADYFLOW Soothe Pelvic Oil


✓ Weight loss
✓ Less PMS
✓ Painless periods
✓ Better sleep
✓ Clear skin
✓ Blood sugar balance
✓ Stable mood
✓ More energy

PRice $425 +HST

sick of your hormonal problems?