The beat of estrogen & why you're wired for connection

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I used to think all I needed to know about my menstrual cycle is to remember my Tampax and to keep some Advil in my purse.
As a teen and even into my early 20s, I didn't know much at all about my so called "stupid hormones". 

I had no idea that my brain and body was cycling through important hormonal changes that affect everything from my memory to my communication. 

All I knew was, a week before my period, angry and irritable impulses would take over and I'd be crying about everything, even cheesy commercials!

Fast forward to today, here's something I know for sure. 

The female menstrual cycle and it's hormonal players have some serious power. 

Let me explain.

According to Dr. Brizendine, "the female brain is so deeply affected by hormones that their influence can be said to create a woman's reality." 

Unlike men, the rise and fall of our hormones are the very thing that make us uniquely feminine, and they're so far from being "stupid". 

There are 5 major hormones that regulate our menstrual cycle, each with their own influence to our brain and ultimately to our reality. 

Today, I want to dive deep into estrogen as an important hormonal player for women and why we're wired for connection. 

The Beat of Estrogen

During the first week of our menstrual cycle, our hormones are as low and balanced as they’ll be.

Estrogen begins at rock-bottom and takes a rising tide. Once we get past the achy first few days of our period, estrogen boosts our energy and mood. 

Estrogen is like a fertilizer that excites our brain.

It makes us feel sharper and more clear minded. Our physical energy increases, we feel more creative, playful, curious and we enjoy tackling new creative projects. 

Our ability to read faces, listen for tone of voice, feel emotions and defuse conflicts feels more natural at this time, all of which are shaped by this estrogen surge, and something that men don't experience like we do.

Estrogen makes us more chatty and more keen on connecting with others, socially and even romantically. We think faster on our feet and we're more magnetic than any other time in our cycle.

Estrogen promotes changes in soft tissue, making our facial features more symmetrical, and boosting attractiveness. 

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews found that women’s facial attractiveness is directly related to their estrogen levels.

In other words, the first two weeks of our cycle is when we are hormonally wired to connect and attract others. 

Pretty cool, right?

I hope this sparks a seed of curiosity to the incredible and cyclical woman you are.

I'm curious.

Do you track your menstrual cycle? Do you know what phase of your cycle you are currently in? 

Hopefully now, you can look forward to your next cycle with this knowledge of estrogen under your belt.

Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming post about other important hormonal players in your cycle. 

In the mean time, I would so appreciate you share this with a friend! 

Much love and lady flow care, 

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Elaine Clark, nutritionist, writer, women's health pioneer, and founder of LADYFLOW. Elaine is creating a movement of women living in sync with their hormonal wisdom and creativity. Elaine works with health conscious women to feel at home in their body and awaken to their creative potential. She offers a variety of tools to support women with her workshop offerings, retreats, and wellness products.